“Oekologie: Resilience in Place”

TEMPOart is currently reviewing proposals for a temporary sculptural installation that investigates the theme of resilient ecologies centered on ideas of “home” and “place.” We are excited to work with artists who will consider the idea that it is better to encourage diversity within the context of community and the places we call home. Concepts may draw on specific ecological fields, tangential topics such as environmental studies, permaculture, re-use/re-cycle streams, or other systems that govern the choices we make and the impact on the places we live.

The installation site is Fish Point in Portland Maine. The site was selected based on ease of access from downtown Portland, proximity to the Eastern Promenade trail system, and usage by a wide cross section of the various communities that make up Portland. The specifics of the ultimate siting are subject to change depending on the nature of the selected work and the City of Portland approvals and permitting process.

Stay tuned for more information on our 2020 project!

The site is roughly located at: 43°39’58.1″N 70°14’20.4″W

Submissions for the 2020 project are closed.

Art Committee: Soren Deniord, Ziggy Drozdowski (Chair), Marianne Kroon, Alice Spencer, Dick Spencer