2020: Resilience In Place

Concept rendering shows what the 2020 TEMPOart project by Jesse Salisbury will look like.
Concept rendering for Jesse Salisbury’s Gathering Stones

Gathering Stones by Jesse Salisbury

Imagine an arrangement of large stones magically appearing on the Eastern Promenade. It’s as if they levitated from nearby fields and beaches to surprise morning walkers. Mysteriously shaped, and playfully arranged, they become a gathering place.

Large granite and basalt stones form Jesse Salisbury’s Gathering Stones. Weighing from 4,000 to 12,000 pounds each, the stones are split, and carved into different shapes. The shapes create a space that encourages interaction. Some stones are hollow inside, encouraging people to walk through them or sit inside them. Some are convenient for sitting on. You can step from stone to stone. Feeling at once primitive and futuristic, it encourages people to explore with others.

We have an innate desire to collect and arrange stones that we find in nature. Arranging large stones creates a gathering place for people. Gathering Stones is a playful reference to both impulses.

Carving underway for Gathering Stones

Our theme this year is Resilience in Place, exploring and responding to challenges posed by imminent changes in our natural and social environments. We are pleased that Jesse Salisbury is creating an installation for TEMPOart to be installed in the summer of 2020.

The sculpture will be located at Fish Point along the Eastern Trail, an easy walk from both Fort Allen Park and Commercial Street. The specifics of the ultimate siting are subject to change depending on the site landscape and the City of Portland approvals and permitting process.

Stay tuned for more information on our 2020 project!

The site is roughly located at: 43°39’58.1″N 70°14’20.4″W