Gathering Stones by Jesse Salisbury
Fish Point on the Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine

TEMPOart commissions public art and hosts projects and events in Portland, ME, that are free, open, and inclusive of all. We seek to inspire conversation and energize the collective imagination to confront timely issues, including social, racial, environmental, and economic justice. 

TEMPOart was launched in 2015 by long-time leader of public arts efforts, Alice Spencer. We invite you to join us in this public art journey by joining our mailing list and participating in upcoming events

Beneath the Forest, Beneath the Sea by Pamela Moulton
An application has been submitted for installation in Payson Park, Portland, ME, by summer 2022.

Stay tuned for “Every Tree Tells a Story” – A series of public art & performance events occurring at the site of Pamela Moulton’s 2022 installation, Beneath the Forest, Beneath the Sea, located in Portland’s Payson Park. Each event is designed to explore the artwork’s themes of sustainability and community using dance, artmaking, poetry and music.

Casco Bay High School students collaborate with Pamela Moulton. Photo by Bonnie Durham.

Read more about the project here.

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