About TEMPOart

Mother’s Garden
by Daniel Minter (2019)
Kennedy Field in East Bayside

The video shares a bit about TEMPOart and features our 2019 installation Mother’s Garden and the Welcome Feast event focused on culinary diplomacy.

TEMPOart’s Mission:
TEMPOart champions and commissions public art in Portland, ME.

Our Vision:
We envision a public art city fostered by projects and events that:

  • energize our collective imagination and encourage conversation;
  • connect communities in Portland and beyond;
  • and are a catalyst for social, racial, environmental, and economic justice.
A child interacts with Occupied Wall - photo by Justin Levesque

About TEMPOart 

Each year new projects from TEMPOart enliven Portland’s public spaces. We believe that art can be a catalyst to connect communities and inspire meaningful thought and conversation on timely issues. We present art that doesn’t need a ticket or an instruction manual to make the power and possibility of art free, open, and inclusive. Our projects and events help people see their world in a new way, or just go through their day with a new found energy–feeling less alone, alive with wonder, and knowing more is possible.

We partner with other educational and cultural institutions, building upon each project to offer inspiring learning opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable contributions are vital to making public art free and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. It is thanks to our generous donors that TEMPOart is able to serve Portland. None of it is possible without you.

Why temporary art? 

TEMPOart is focused on temporary art – hence our name, TEMPOart! Most art sponsored by TEMPOart is installed for one and up to a maximum of two years in compliance with City of Portland guidance.  

Our organization focuses on temporary art as a means to enliven the community. To start a conversation. To encourage deeper thinking. To provoke. The nature of temporary art also provides an opportunity to showcase the work of several artists.

TEMPOart milestones 

2021 – TEMPOart kicks off an amazing summer of events in relation to Gathering Stones by Jesse Salisbury. Board expands to include 12 total members. PINE CONE by Patrick Plourde installed in Deering Oaks Park in honor of TEMPOart founder Alice Spencer’s leadership in public art.

2020 – Founder Alice Spencer becomes Board Member Emerita. Gathering Stones by Jesse Salisbury installed at Fish Point, Eastern Promenade. 

2019 – Mother’s Garden by Daniel Minter installed at Kennedy Field in East Bayside. 

2017 – Artists Christina Bechstein, Christian Prasch, and John Sundling were asked to respond to the relevance of the “American dream” in the socio-political climate of 2017, and to commemorate the one-year anniversary of TEMPOart’s inaugural project in Lincoln Park, Judith Hoffman’s The American Dream.

2016 – The American Dream by Judith Hoffman installed in Lincoln Park. 

2015 – TEMPOart founded by Alice Spencer