“Land. Rock. Water. Sky” with Love Lab Studio

Date: July 23, 24, 25

Time: 3-6pm 

Location: All Gathering Stones events will be held at Fish Point on the Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine. See location on Google Maps.

About the Event

As a sacred moment of rest, reflection, and time to ponder, heal and just look and/or make art, the Love Lab Studio teaching team will support us to create. This project will allow participants to either make art at easels, look through viewfinders at the ocean horizon, or just join artists and observe with us as children and community come together and look at the land, the rock sculptures, the water, and the sky.

About the Artist

Team is led by artist Christina Bechstein. Christina is an artist who has vast experience with community based art and public art projects and pedagogy. She has done projects in Boston, Detroit, Maine and has won numerous awards for her service learning, community based public art, and pedagogy projects. She is also trained in social sculpture, and part of a large group of international artists working with a team who is part of Document/Kassel, Germany 2021. Love Lab Studio, a children’s art studio in Portland Maine, practices experimental pedagogy that merges children’s art making with playful social sculpture pedagogy and practice all aimed at co-creating a better world for all. Her team members come from a diverse set of backgrounds with shared values and care for one another and the natural world.