Support TEMPOart this year

Since I founded TEMPOart in 2015, I have been constantly amazed by the support of our local community. We are grateful to the many donors who have already contributed this year to further our mission to champion public art in Portland. Your generosity allows us to support local artists and offer robust, free programming for people of all ages to accompany our installations.

Public art presents a platform for people to gather. To start a conversation. To encourage deeper thinking. To enliven a public place with community engagement.

If you have not already made a gift this year, I invite you to donate today in any amount that is meaningful to you and your family. With your help, TEMPOart will be able to continue grow and create more ambitious, impactful public art for years to come.

Thank you for believing in TEMPOart and for your support.


Alice Spencer, Founder and Chair TEMPOart
TEMPOart is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. We are funded primarily by private donations. No goods or services were exchanged for this charitable contribution.