Carousel Cosmos making headlines

Carousel Cosmos by Chris Miller, a TEMPOart commission, has been turning heads in Portland. With captivating and imaginative elements, this remarkable installation has captured the attention of both the media and the community. Let’s take a closer look at the headlines it has been making in 2023.

This summer, Carousel Cosmos took center stage, and its enchanting, lifelike creatures are leaving an indelible mark on the Western Promenade. The Bangor Daily News aptly described the installation highlighting the awe and wonder it has brought to the city. The article “Prehistoric creatures have popped up on Portland’s Western Promenade” delves into the magical transformation of this public space, where animals from another era seem to have come to life.

Before Carousel Cosmos animals roamed the Western Promenade again, it was anticipated as a source of of joy and creativity. The Portland Press Herald introduced this exciting project full of ‘friendly monsters” and noted each animal bench’s “support of their own“, highlighting the art’s friendly, approachable, and curious nature.

Carousel Cosmos has not only brought vibrant art to the heart of Portland but has also encouraged meaningful discussions about art’s role in our lives. As it continues to make headlines, this new work by Chris Miller stands as a testament to the enduring impact of public art on our city’s culture and identity. If you haven’t experienced Carousel Cosmos yet, be sure to visit the Western Promenade and let your imagination run wild amidst these intergalactic creatures.

Scene from the Community Opening for Carousel Cosmos, June 2023