TEMPOart Wins the Rebel Blend Award in 2023

TEMPOart was awarded the 2023 Rebel Blend Award, a generous grant awarded to Maine-based artists and small arts organizations by Coffee by Design (CBD). This award has been a symbol of support for the vibrant arts community in Maine since 1998, contributing to the state’s artistic and cultural landscape in a profound way.

From CBD’s founder and owner Mary Allen Lindemann about the October 17 award ceremony, “This morning was awesome, we loved hearing from the Rebel Blend Fund grantees. One of the most amazing things is that we know, thanks to your help through your purchases of Rebel Blend ($1 from every pound brewed or sold goes to the Rebel Blend Fund) we are able to help share often untold stories. This year you raised $14,800 to share with five great non-profits, selected by a committee of our team members. To date we’ve given over $125,000! Thank you Phil, Dylan, Alina and Sam for reviewing the many great applications. And congratulations to “Conversations in Compassion,” Dyke March Maine, Four Directions Maine in support of the Wabanaki Artisan Fund, The Yellow Tulip Project EXPRESS and TEMPOart!”

The Rebel Blend Fund: A Remarkable Initiative

The Rebel Blend Fund is not your typical arts grant program. It’s a powerful partnership between CBD and local artists, where every pound of their best-selling Rebel Blend coffee sold or brewed in their coffeehouses contributes to a fund that, in turn, fuels artistic endeavors in Maine. For each pound of Rebel Blend coffee sold, CBD donates $1 to the Rebel Blend Fund, creating a sustainable source of support for local artists.

The Rebel Blend committee, comprising CBD team members, plays a crucial role in identifying proposals that may have been overlooked by conventional funding sources. They seek projects that challenge the status quo, spark thought-provoking conversations, and have the potential to engage people from all corners of the state.

Since its inception in 1998, the Rebel Blend Fund has been a beacon of hope for Maine artists and small arts organizations. With over $100,000 in grants awarded to support local artists, it has played a significant role in nurturing the creative spirit of the community. These grants have enabled artists to pursue innovative and meaningful projects that might not have seen the light of day without this support.

Empowering Local Artists

To be considered for Rebel Blend funding, artists and projects must be based in Maine, reinforcing the fund’s commitment to local talent. Applicants are required to submit comprehensive project descriptions, outlining how the grant money would benefit their creative endeavors. Beyond the financial support, the Rebel Blend Fund offers significant marketing benefits to the recipients. The winners’ stories are covered by local media, and their accomplishments are celebrated through an annual press conference and social media channels, amplifying their impact on the community.

In their pursuit of supporting the arts in Maine, CBD expresses gratitude to their partners at Androscoggin Bank for their ongoing promotional support for the Rebel Blend Fund. This partnership amplifies the impact of the fund, extending its reach and ensuring that local artists receive the support they need.

TEMPOart’s win of the Rebel Blend Award in 2023 exemplifies the fund’s mission to empower artists who push the boundaries of conventional art forms. TEMPOart, an organization dedicated to bringing art into public spaces, embodies the spirit of the Rebel Blend Fund with their innovative projects that engage and inspire the Maine community.

The Rebel Blend Award is a testament to the enduring commitment of Coffee By Design to the arts community in Maine. Since 1998, it has been a source of encouragement and support for local artists and small arts organizations. With TEMPOart’s 2023 win, we celebrate not just a single artist or project but the enduring power of community support for the arts in Maine. The Rebel Blend Fund continues to foster creativity, dialogue, and cultural growth in the state, leaving a lasting impact on the Maine arts scene.