“Carousel Cosmos” is preparing for the eclipse

We stand on the brink of an extraordinary event – the eclipse of April 8th. It’s a moment that beckons us to look beyond the mundane, to gaze upwards and ponder the mysteries of the universe. And what better way to prepare for this cosmic spectacle than by immersing ourselves in the enchanting world of Carousel Cosmos, a stunning commissioned piece by Chris Miller, brought to life by TEMPOart.

Nestled within the Western Promenade at West Street, Carousel Cosmos is more than just an art installation; it’s a portal to another realm, a miniature galaxy waiting to be explored. Miller’s vision transforms the familiar landscape into a cosmic playground, inviting visitors to embark on a journey of discovery. At the heart of this celestial carousel lies an elliptical walkway, encircling a galactic halo that draws you in with its mysterious gravitational pull. As you traverse the spiral paths, you’ll find yourself amidst spiral galaxy arms, racing polar bears, and sea monsters beckoning you towards adventure in distant mountains.

As you wander through Carousel Cosmos, you’ll encounter benches resembling fantastical local creatures – real and imagined, modern and prehistoric – carved, painted, and arranged as carousel animals. It’s a whimsical touch that adds to the magic of the experience, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all life forms across space and time.

Although not in the path of totality, Carousel Cosmos is inspiring our total eclipse journey! Where will you be on April 8?

Photo by Corey Templeton

Excepts from Chris Miller’s proposal to the City of Portland’s Public Art Committee for Carousel Cosmos.