The Power of Public Art: Insights from Jessica Muise at Kegs & Issues

At the recent Kegs & Issues event hosted by the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce on January 31, 2024, Jessica Muise, the Interim Executive Director of TEMPOart, took the stage to share profound insights into the transformative power of public art. As the driving force behind TEMPOart’s mission to enrich Portland through temporary public art and community connection, Muise illuminated the audience with compelling narratives and tangible takeaways.

The Power of Accessible Art

Muise emphasized TEMPOart’s unwavering commitment to making art accessible to all, dismantling barriers that often hinder engagement with transformative artistic experiences. By offering free and inclusive art installations, TEMPOart ensures that the profound impact of art is available to everyone, irrespective of socioeconomic status or educational background. Through collaborative partnerships with educational and cultural institutions, each project becomes a beacon of inspiration, fostering learning opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Community Connection Through Creativity

A central theme of Muise’s discourse was the role of public art as a vital bridge, uniting diverse communities and catalyzing dialogue. TEMPOart’s projects serve as dynamic platforms for shared experiences, sparking conversations that transcend societal boundaries and norms. By igniting a sense of wonder and curiosity, public art cultivates connections that endure long after the installations are removed, enriching the fabric of community life.

Creative Economy and Economic Impact

Muise shed light on TEMPOart’s participation in the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 Study, which underscored the profound economic and social contributions of the arts and culture sector in Portland. With staggering figures revealing $86 million in economic activity, job creation, and government revenue, the study affirmed the indispensable role of the arts in fostering prosperity and vitality within the community. Muise urged support for local artists and initiatives, emphasizing the transformative potential of the arts as a driver of communal growth and well-being.

Joining the Movement

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, TEMPOart relies on charitable contributions to uphold its mission of making public art accessible to all. Muise passionately invited attendees to join TEMPOart on its journey of cultivating art as a transformative force, uniting communities and inspiring positive change.

About TEMPOart

TEMPOart is dedicated to commissioning temporary public art that sparks dialogue, builds community, and inspires collective imagination. With each project, TEMPOart aims to make the power and possibility of art free, open, and inclusive, offering transformative experiences to individuals of all backgrounds. Through collaborative partnerships and charitable contributions, TEMPOart remains committed to enriching Portland through the transformative power of public art.

Meet Jessica Muise

Jessica Muise brings over 15 years of experience in the arts and cultural sector to her role as Interim Executive Director of TEMPOart. With a diverse background as a multidisciplinary artist, educator, advocate, and advisor, Muise is passionate about leveraging the arts as tools for social change. As a visionary leader, Muise continues to guide TEMPOart towards its mission of fostering community connection and inspiring positive transformation through public art.

Thank you to Will Wohler of Wohler & Co for amazing photos of this event.